Monday, January 17, 2005

Is it just me, or did I just miss a trend?

Bloggers have clearly taken center stage in cyberspace over the last year. For better or worse, one's thoughts can be broadcast around the world for anyone who cares to scour and sort through the internet. I have been intrigued for quite some with the possibility of starting my own blog, but due to various reasons --technical incompetence, the intense dread of having nothing to say and no one to hear it, and, ultimately, an admixture of a lack of free time and a love for mindless television--I never took the plunge. That is until one startling excursion on the internet when I stumbled upon my good friend Jake's appeal to start a blog. I took the challenge and here I am.

So what might we expect on this very public diary? Whenever I run across something intriguing in my reading, I will try to share it. Whenever a masterful film catches my attention, I may critique it. Whenever certain politicians make crucial theological missteps, I will be likely to comment upon it with swift vengeance. And, most importantly, whenever a torrid television program catches my fleeting attention, I will most definitely dissect it.

Within this eclectic mix of "high" and "low" culture, I hope to develop my own thoughts and continue conversations with friends both near and far. Even as distance has kept me from my close friends in the Garden State of New Jersey or the Independent Nation of Texas, my fondness for our conversations has not abated. Please join in this conversation. I hope friendships will both begin and continue to flourish. All in all, though, I hope that this blog may form one, very small component of our journeys together here on this earth.

Soli deo gloria.