Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Harry Potter and Left Behind at FilmChat

FilmChat continues to deliver wonderfully incisive postings on the intersection of film, pop culture, and religion. Two of the latest might be of interest to many of you.

The first article deals with the symbolism of the number 7 and its overlapping influence on the composition of the Narnia books as well as Harry Potter. He then closes the posting with a nice riposte against all the Harry Potter haters out there. Check it out here.

The second posting provocatively argues that the Left Behind series is nothing less than "evangelical pornography." Hmm, that might raise a bit of ire out there. These guys didn't sell millions of copies for no reason, but I think that the post starts to answer the question as to why they were so successful. Check it out here. And apparently, not even the second coming of Christ can stop these two from raking in even more dough . . . um, I mean, writing more books. The prequel is now in stores.