Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hopefully, the merciful end of the Schiavo tragedy

With the release today of the autopsy report conducted on Terri Schiavo, we can hopefully close this dark chapter. The dangerous excesses of far-right ideologues remained in full view throughout the tragic and destructive rhetorical and political battle which surged around this family. A profoundly private decision which is made numerous times everyday in this country became a macabre public circus in which gutless politicians on one side of the aisle opted for a calculated silence and careless politicians on the other side made a calculated grab for ideological power. While I hope Schiavo can now rest in peace, we cannot forget the political carnival concocted around her hospital bed. When will Bill Frist acknowledge that flashing his doctoral credentials when he diagnosed this woman from videotape evidence was a gross abuse of his position and education? Probably never. When will Democratic Senators acknowledge that their silence permitted this tragedy to occur? Probably never. That is unless we remember and demand change. Perhaps I remain far too idealistic and naive, but I hope for the better.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Far too long of a blogging hiatus

My absence in the blogosphere over the last few weeks has been a product of several factors. First, Holley and I joined our friends Abby and Jake in Costa Rica for a fantastic and active vacation. I learned how to surf a little bit, we rode ATVs on black sand beaches with no one else as far as you can see, and one of us nearly died in the whitewater . . . or at least one of us got a little scare! Second, we've been finalizing different matters in preparation for the closing on our home purchase this next Friday. Third, I've been reawakening my francophone self; after several years away from the language, I had buried all semblance of French reading ability under Greek, Hebrew, and a little German. Fortunately, it's slowly coming back, and I should have all the language requirements for my doctoral program out of the way. Fourth, I've been preparing to accompany a group from our church as we head to Ghana for two weeks at the end of the month. I'm really happy to have the opportunity to teach 1-3 John at a pastor's school there. Especially intriguing should be the radical change in scholastic context from a generally middle class malaise that too often pervades seminary education in the states. Previous teachers have told me that the eagerness of the students in Ghana to study and learn the Bible would put us all to shame. It seems certain that our affluence dulls our spiritual and intellectual drive. I think this trip will be a refreshing reminder of the power of education.

All that being said, I apologize for the dearth of posts. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity simply to write for the joy of it and also the insightful feedback my friends have provided. Thanks and stay tuned.