Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hopefully, the merciful end of the Schiavo tragedy

With the release today of the autopsy report conducted on Terri Schiavo, we can hopefully close this dark chapter. The dangerous excesses of far-right ideologues remained in full view throughout the tragic and destructive rhetorical and political battle which surged around this family. A profoundly private decision which is made numerous times everyday in this country became a macabre public circus in which gutless politicians on one side of the aisle opted for a calculated silence and careless politicians on the other side made a calculated grab for ideological power. While I hope Schiavo can now rest in peace, we cannot forget the political carnival concocted around her hospital bed. When will Bill Frist acknowledge that flashing his doctoral credentials when he diagnosed this woman from videotape evidence was a gross abuse of his position and education? Probably never. When will Democratic Senators acknowledge that their silence permitted this tragedy to occur? Probably never. That is unless we remember and demand change. Perhaps I remain far too idealistic and naive, but I hope for the better.