Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mohler disses PTS

In my book, it is never a negative thing when Albert Mohler decides to condemn your attempts to live out the gospel. As noted in the excellent documentary Battle for the Minds, Mohler has a way of testing the theological winds for his own advantage and getting rid of fabulous teachers along the way. Along with the upsurgence of fundamentalist hegemony in the SBC, Mohler has gained a significant voice in the media and in conservative Christian cirles as a voice of the church. It never fails that when Larry King wants to ask someone what "Christians think" about a particular issue, Mohler is on the short list. Needless to say, I do not agree with much of Brother Mohler preaches.

And then I receive an e-mail from my good friend Blake. Mohler apparently stumbled unto the blog of a PTS student entilted Pomomusings and drew a great deal of umbrage at how the BLGT group at PTS is expressing their message of love and grace.

Apparently, gay is not okay with Mohler, but that's not particularly surprising. The question that remains unanswered for most Christians, no matter their stance on homosexuality, is how the church can reverse its historical tendency to exclude and condemn homosexuals. While a proclamation of the gospel that does not call us to repentance is a fictive notion of modern liberalism, in my mind, the empty rhetoric of "hate the sin, love the sinner" has yet to be--and probably never will be--incarnated.